Haiku Happy Hour

   See you sit and smile

In the back seat of my mind

   Enjoying the ride




   Swaying in the grass

Crickets pluck my heart strings

   With their melodies




   Open me up wide

Taste the sticky inner flesh

   Of a ripened peach




   You’re a Jack of Hearts

But I have the ace in hand

   You cannot trump me




   I am Eve’s apple

The forbidden fruit of love

   And you are the snake


7 thoughts on “Haiku Happy Hour

  1. I like 🙂 and thank you for pointing me to magic in the back yard too.

    I did a bunch of writing as well on S/V Mountain Index. I believe if you click on my name it should bring you there. Kinda new attempt at a captains log lol.


  2. Congratulations! Welcome to the wide world of creative writing! Everyone should see Kellie’s site. She could inspire a rock to swim 🙂 Thanx Jim, I have found that I really enjoy haiku’s


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