My toes are dirty

Flecked with gold dust they sparkle

   As they burrow in




 Like a memory

That song whispers in my ear

   Despite no speakers




 Laughing at your eyes

That never learned to hide well

   From the poetry




 Pick a blue flower

Put it there behind your ear

   To match your sad song




 Meadows in the sun

Scent my thoughts with sweet grass smiles

   As I weave daisies




Pick up your litter

The mess in here is horrid

   Cluttering my head




  Far away you fly

On the wings of this CD

   Track three is the best




 ‘click’ says a beer can

On the warm hood of my jeep

   As the red sun sets




Tempting on my lips

Cupid’s arrows find your heart

   As I blow kisses




 Armor does no good

When my pen dips down inside

   The ink well of you


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