Blowing Kisses

Shh, come closer, let me whisper in your ear,

The darkness calls, while the moon ascends,

Where starlight hides your tears.


See with eyes of passion, hidden smiles,

On the pages, between the sheets,

Of words and wiles.


On the breeze I sway and bend,

Wet ink speaks the unspoken,

With a lick from my eager pen.


Shh, come near, this poet has a song,

To caress your straining soul,

In my arms, where you belong.


2 thoughts on “Blowing Kisses

  1. This gave me goosebumps and left me smiling. Just reading the way you put words together is so lovely. ..and you compliment me…wow! your a master with words! I envy your talent 🙂 hugs!

    Hey…do u have twitter?


  2. hmm, no twitter… Is it worth it? maybe I should start an account… You have a way with your words that is very tangible, like I can taste and feel them. You have a rawness, but also a sweetness… It is an intoxicating mixture. 😉


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