Autumn Rains

Rain dancing on the warm earth,

    Mist rising from cooling pavement,

On my toes, washing away the dirt of summer,

   The maple leaves lament,

Just there, a subtle blush of yellow,

   Creeping amongst verdant greens,

A gentle nip from the jaws of morning,

   The whisper of burgeoning streams,

A sway in the trees, who mumble of frost,

   Frequent and fitful gusts of gloom,

Purple and swollen, cloud banks descend,

   Weeping for the memory of  June.



3 thoughts on “Autumn Rains

  1. Oh my gosh! This is stunning. So visual! Arifmvega lead me to this one and I’m so glad she did! You take my breath away! Siiiighhhh ♥
    I would be honored to have you write for my Free Write Friday this weekend! Please consider?
    Big hugs!!!


  2. you bet Kellie, count me in… I have pretty limited access to computers, I just kinda use whatever one I’m close to, but you can be sure I’ll make an effort… Thank you so much, a compliment from you is heavy, I respect your voice greatly 🙂 This one was inspired by the smell of a brief shower, and the feeling of the puddles still warm in my sandals 🙂


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