I Hide My Beast

Lingering in laugher,

Lullabies whisper,

Lapping up lonely lips,


Beware of beastlings hidden in bearings,

Of bested beer drinking buddies,

Belittling bent bastions of beneficence,


Ready to rediscover the reticence of youth,

Realizing the rediscovered for reminiscence,

In red light ribald repetitions,


New found nervousness nibbles,

Never to nest in Neptune’s neurons,

Negating nameless nimbleness,


No words, wonders or wholes,

Just writing wonderous and wild,

To eyes that whirr in the wampum,


I would not explain my extravagance,

extrapolate my existential expressions,

Just explore the excessive existence,


Do you hear, my dear, the words I fear?

Layer by layer, tier by tier?

Each one that in the depth will sear?


I doubt it…

I doubt it…


Only is understood what I spell for you,

With my pen of black, or secret blue,

So done searching for the truth,

Beneath everything you hide,

In the fortress of your mind.


Said the notebook to the poet…


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