Amidst The Gloaming

So close to heaven it melts on my tongue,

Like honey still warm from the rendering,

Your song is playing and the night is young,

I am lost amidst pages,  remembering,


Feeling lost in this world of sorrow,

Where there is no hand left to grasp,

Harboring slight hope for tomorrow,

With the daylight’s final gasp,


A westward sky has finally burned itself out,

Like the fire that once kept me warm at night,

I don’t know why we burn or what life is about,

Couldn’t tell you what is wrong, or what is right,


Just a ghost on the mountain with a song to sing,

Where cell phone signals can’t tangle in my hair,

And the memory of trees will their solace bring,

To the eyes that yearn on the hills gone bare.


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