A Place To Call Home

There is a place where everything melts together. There is a place where people bear no labels and everybody means exactly what they say… There is a balance between expectations and eventual outcomes. An understanding of the incomprehensible and reprehensible. Acceptance of  the lacks and virtues alike…

A perfect place where all the glasses are half full and smiles are as easy as they ought to be.

It’s not as far away as you may think. Not so hard to grasp or too heavy to carry. It’s actually very simple to find this seemingly elusive utopia as long as you have a friend to call, for it is in their shadow that you will find this place. In the shade beneath their boughs, where the harsh rays of the sun find no time to linger.

You will find it within the eyes of one who sees you so transparently they can watch your back while standing in front of you. A person who is by by your side even when they are miles away. Who hears your call when the phone lines are dead. Smacks you down when you float too high and gives you a hand up when you have fallen too low.

A friend to be valued is not someone who is always exactly what you want them to be, but one who has the courage to confess their wrongs, and the determination to make them right.

Yes, this place of contentment and subtle glory is right before your eyes, in the face of one who does not turn away…


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