Midnight Whispers

So I heard this whispering late last night, 

As I drifted on the shores of dream,

It was subtle and alluring, oh so slight,

How full of peace it seemed,


It drew me down deeply into peaceful rest,

In the arms of that unknown love,

That stroked my ears and beat in my breast,

And shone like the stars above,


Such an ache it brought to my lonely soul,

As it settled in empty depths,

My waters were swayed by that lunar pull,

And it rode my quiet breath,


Yet the morning light left me silent and bare,

When I awoke to an empty bed,

It seems the ghostly hand that stroked my hair,

Was a phantom in my head,


It was a loss I suffered like a physical blow,

My heart bore a painful blight,

Yet I wonder as through my day I go,

Will it return tonight?




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