Journal Entry 10/10

“It’s morning time but the skies are dark, with the sunrise still hours away… I have a feeling I will still be around to see it. I can’t seem to leave this damn computer.

It is a lonely feeling to stare at this keyboard, talking to it as if it were actually listening. It seems to always have time for me, I have to give it that at least.

I have such an apathetic sort of exhaustion at this point. I am very tired but can’t bring myself to care enough to put the key in the ignition and drive away. I could just sit here staring at the screen, writing line after line of senseless drivel until the cows come home.

Maybe a hot shower, or a sleeping pill… I think I have one of those in my bag… Or I could just run really fast at that wall over there with my head down like a charging bull and just knock myself out… That sounds like it would be quite affective, but the resulting hang over would be worse than a tequilla-wine night.



One thought on “Journal Entry 10/10

  1. Insomnia is useful you know. Occupy Seattle is in need of night watch for drunks and bad guys.

    Need steady heads to help keep the movement non-violent and police free. know what I mean?


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