No Shoulder

I went for a walk to clear my head,

Leaving the slick black pavement, and the city behind,

Wet ferns brushed my knees, soaking my jeans,

The boughs dripped on my black fedora,


tap, tap, tap…


As if knocking on the door of my brain,

But there was nobody home,


With a sky gone grey and silent,

The river’s whisper became a roar,

And the creek in my path had swallowed the stepping stones,


I thought perhaps I would retrace my steps,

Abandoning my quest for solace,

But the autumn called me softly,

You know how red-heads can be,


So I wandered to the swollen shore,

To watch leaves swirling on the current,

Perhaps trail my fingers in the water,

Where they would shape a ‘V’ on the surface,


But I did not do this…


I smiled wickedly up at the rain,

And shed my leather jacket,

I pounced into that creek like I was claiming my prize,


Arms open wide, I danced in the water,

Embracing the chill and the fog,

Feeling no chains to pull me down,

Instead feeling…


Like a child.


I found every puddle on my way home,

Lurking in the moss,


Makes me giggle, 


Carrying my boots,

Shoe laces tied,

Around my neck,


When I came back to the road, there it was,

That sign that says ‘no shoulder’,

And although I had to agree,

It didn’t bother me.


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