Serenading The Silence

Lonely, empty

Waiting to be filled

I wonder…

If omens are a godsend

Like men

On the autumn  wind 

In the trees

Falling like the leaves

Burning coldly

In the puddles


Bouncing off  clouds

A silver lining

Always did look good on you


Stars lurk in obscurity

Behind the night

Of windy tossing boughs

And radio stations

When I sing along

To the words

That linger in memories

Of your laughter


All the roads are empty

The city sleeps

Beneath my gaze

Naked and supine

Like a lover


Steady now

Its easy to slip

On the ice around your heart


I wonder…

Can you bi-locate?

Is that what I taste?


Come now girl, don’t cry

You can look that God right in the eye


If I make no sence

It is because I have lost my sanity

Driven mad by the silence

That holds me tight

When I turn the stereo off

So I will continue to sing

As my voice floats out

Over careless expanses

Of pavement


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