Journal Entry 10/24

“Pieces of me left discarded in this forest, scattered like the leaves that whisper of my sins.

Midnight was long ago, and the stillness seeps upward as the smoke from my cigarette hangs motionless before me.

A subtle bite on the back of my neck from a playful chill, questing beneath my buttoned collar.

Two layers of socks fit snugly into sweating boots, arms wrapped around my lonely torso, I mount my defence against the onslaught of frost.

Clear night skies beckon for a dreamers wandering iris, and I allow myself to linger in the celestial highways, my eyes stroking with reverence the face of the moon.

Soon these leaves will crackle and grumble, buckling under the weight of an early morning freeze, but for now they just sigh to themselves about the days when they drank in the sweet sunlight…

I am doing the same…”


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