Journal Entry 11/19

“The tides of emotion, they ebb and flow… They engulf, consume, then recede into the darkness to leave me stranded on this beach… Memories, snapshots of black and white laughter, fleeting movies and images with the echos of contentment.

Swirling like the currents of the ocean, tossing my flimsy vessel about on the swells of it’s fickle whim, this inner turmoil threatens to drown me in sadness.

It is dangerous to carry such weight when the unknown depths lurk so near. When the looming black storm clouds warn of weather on your unknown horizons, and you find a ghost at the helm where your determination once stood.

I have not sailed all this way to find a watery grave in  obscurity and darkness however, nor in the soft mud beneath, scavenging with my fellow crabs for a bit of cast off nibbles. I will find a safe berth in the arms of destiny, a steady hand to rest in mine, and firm ground beneath my wandering toes.”



One thought on “Journal Entry 11/19

  1. starfire

    I love this, keep up the good work. Finally it’s warm in my cabin & I choose to zen by the outside fire, knowing I can go back inside & tackle another craft that awaits my attention. Cheers, Dana & Tusoc


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