Last Warning

Leave me be, extricate your tentacles from their suffocating grip.

Or I shall cry havoc, and set loose the dogs of war.


25 thoughts on “Last Warning

  1. Not mean. you sure you want to have this discussion here? I do, but it seems out of character for you. Its important.

    I dont think you are mean. I think you are a very kind soul.

    And you should remember… The spider… lol.


  2. HAH! tit for tat i suppose… and i was not discussing, i was being rude… i thought it was fitting at the time… i thought if i was rude you would just go away… my strategy was flawed however, seeing as how you are a masochistic glutton for punishment… hmmm, what to do now?


      1. There was no unspoken with that one. Unless a conversation is considered unspoken I guess lol. And my family is all out of state. I am abandoned and lacking for a proper engagement.


  3. you did not ‘get stuck with the spider’ the spider chose you because he has a lesson for you… read the book Anasi Boys by Neil Gaiman… it will answer a lot of questions for you… and you will find alarming similarities in the story to your current predicament


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