Journal Entry 11/24

“The wind is ruthless. Grabbing the trees and shaking them angrily at the sky. Freezing, howling gusts come screaming down from the snowy peaks to blow across wet expanses of pavement.

I sit here on the porch with a hot cup of coffee, my hands wrapped lovingly around it’s warmth, watching the fury of winter.

My hair blows around me like the tossing boughs of those cedar trees, and a chill creeps in beneath my fuzzy robe. I tuck my toes beneath the shelter of my legs, adopting the lotus position on my green plastic chair.

Closing my eyes to better hear whispers on the wind, I discern a pattern in it’s violence. One, two, three, FOUR… One, two, tree, FOUR… I sway with the rhythm, like all the other growing things do.

The last leaves that stubbornly occupied the forest are ripped forcibly from their perches and pepper sprayed with stinging horizontal rain drops. Cast into the growing puddles and under the wheels of passing traffic, cast down from their previous heights by the merciless fury of greater forces… That is the nature of things, this falling… But these dead and desiccated bodies will feed the fertility of tomorrow, and spring will bloom glorious in the wake of their sacrifice.

I sit here in the midst of the tempest, contemplating the similarities of it’s destruction to the decimation of reality. This ethereal touch of wind that in warmer days dried the river from my skin, now buffets me angrily, seeking to penetrate my solid form. Such a weightless aspect to cause such catastrophe.

My coffee is in need of a warm up, and so am I, so I will escape the molestation of weather in the relative safety of four strong walls… The wind in my head however will blow easily past my walls, and find the silent place in my heart where I hide.”


8 thoughts on “Journal Entry 11/24


    6 stars for this one.

    Especially the whole paragraph of “leaves that stubbornly occupied the forest are ripped forcibly from their perches and pepper sprayed with stinging horizontal rain drops”.

    I havent seen enough severe weather yet this winter I still say that sounds nice.


  2. Yes, did I ever tell you the story of how I met the demolition girl?

    I put on a gas mask and entered the SHAC when it was first purchased. I grabbed a sledgehammer and wandered through skeletal walls and clouds of dust… There were electrical connections hanging everywhere and the only source of light was halogen work lamps and flashlights- No windows.

    Round a corner and into a room that still had the walls and BANG! The most beautiful girl ever to wear a respirator is there with a sledge hammer going to town on sheet rock, plaster and steel mesh wall. The work lights cast her shadow on the ceiling.

    Later that day I saw her face, still beautiful. I also learned she was a massage therapist. A few months later she gave me an hour long massage, amazing. I still think she might have liked me a little more than a friend would. Oh well, havent seen her in years… too bad.

    Hey that should be a blog post.


  3. check my site for a more detailed version. Atomic was nuts. The day after the last night of operation there was an inch thick layer of broken glass over the entire floor. haha that snow in the box is cracking me up.


  4. ok seriously though Q: If a taco and a burrito are travelling at the speed of light and collide, will the result still be delicious?
    A: The result would be an explosion large enough to destroy a small village. High speed collisions do that, whether or not they are made of Mexican food.


    thank you Matthew Arck for the following:
    Assuming that the taco and the burrito each weight about half a pound you can calculate the energy of the collision by using the equation KE = ½mv² where m is the mass of the object, v is the velocity and KE is the resulting kinetic energy (as measued in Joules).

    Assuming the speed of light comes in 300 million meters per second, the kinetic energy within one of the food items is about 1.02 * 10^19 Joules. Double this to account for the energy in the sum of the two food items and our total kinetic energy is about 2.03 * 10^19 Joules.

    It sounds ilke a big number, but what does that mean in the real world? Well… your average stick of dynamite contains 2.1 million Joules of energy. So lets divide the KE of our food collision by 2.1 million and see to how many sticks of dynamite this is equivalent. Hmmm…. 9.7 x 10 ^ 12. So 9.7 TRILLION sticks of dynamite or about 194,000 times larger than the biggest nuclear weapon ever tested.

    So yeah… this answer really isn’t correct at all. The resulting explosion would take out a lot more than a small village.


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