Twists Of Fate

Head on collision at the intersection of chance and purpose… Both claim the light was green, but there is no way to know who tells the truth…

A three car pile up on the freeway of emotion, where there is no speed limit… Twisted metal and broken glass, shattered hearts and busted trust leave crimson puddles of guilt on the careless pavement…

Losing control on the slick ice of the downhill slope of good intentions, careening off the path of safety into the frozen ditch by the wayside…

No rest for the wicked, and no soft landing for the jumpers…


2 thoughts on “Twists Of Fate

  1. cliff snyder

    Was I there to see this also? Your visit with us was wonderful, exciting, intellectually stirring…and sorely missed when you were gone. I wanted desperately to interact with you again…honestly…earnestly…but would there be wreckage? I do not wish it for any of us. Now you are surely in a better place. In the sun.


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