Journal Entry 12/5

“My brain is leaking, or perhaps that is the roof, as the ice melts in the sun and seeps through the cracks… Leaves wet puddles of unidentified emotion, as I gaze in apathy at the growing moisture… Perhaps I should retrieve a pan or something… Drip drip, ting ting, the droplets hit the metal like the ticking of clock hands, counting down the minutes…

It is cold in the sunrise, and I do not wish to crawl out of the warm cave of blankets and face it’s arsenal. It will riddle me with the freezing arrows of a vengeful cupid, and leave me wounded at the mercy of winter… I don’t think I will change out of my jammies today, to hell with the opinions of those who stare at me in the grocery store. I will put my fuzzy robe on over my thermals, put a feather in my cap and stroll in for a cup of coffee…

The ceaseless chatter of commercials on the television buzz annoyingly in my ears like a fly in the room. Their cries of ‘buy, sell, sale, limited time, savings, clearance!’ all wasted on my empty wallet. 

I have some good news for you however, my journal. I am a hellova lot stronger than you may think. I do not break when the wind blows like a brittle snag, I sway like and oak tree. Despite my pathetic whining and melodramatic poetry, I am doing quite well. I do not give up. I do not give in. I will not be conquered by the steady accumulation of sticks and stones.

I know exactly where I am headed, I read it in my cards…”


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