The Map Of Flesh

Softly the glow of candlelight,

Banishes shadows in the night,

Warms my heart though my flesh is cold,

I expand myself to fill the mold,


Songs I sing to the smiling stars,

Who alone know the secrets of my scars,

My body that tells the story of me,

Each line a roadway to the sea,


Memories of this mark or that,

How they came to be my surface map,

Some still burn with anger’s heat,

While others whisper of retreat,


Never will my flesh be lost,

For I have paid the boatman’s cost,

Two pennies on my sightless eyes,

Will gain me entry to the other side,


These days my fingertips find the marks,

And trace them gently in the dark,

Wondering how it came to be,

This shell of skin still holding me,


But I read the brail of my skin,

Left there by another’s sin,

And know the strength is mine to hold,

For the spirit that I never sold.


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