Happy Second Anniversary

Well my friends, it is now the second anniversary of my snowy blog, and I couldn’t tell you if I have been improving or not. I suppose that is for you as my reader to decide.

I began writing as a purge, as a way to vent, and order the thoughts in my head into some semblance of order. I believe it has helped me to understand myself better, to see all those words twisted and hidden inside of innocuous paragraphs and rhyming little prose, it is amazing how much a person can say without saying anything at all. To a person who does not know me, it would make absolutely no sence, but perhaps be mysteriously captivating. For those that do know me, it is a baring of my heart in a most vulnerable way.

I am learning how to say what it is I truly feel, what I need to release, without laying my soul on the butchers block. What I mean by that, is that I have perfected (well maybe improved upon) the ability to shape words like a sculpture, to build the image of my heart in an abstract version of truth. I must consistently remind myself not to sacrifice my meaning for my readers, or to adjust my content for the fear of someone figuring me out. I have learned to let it go, let it flow, becoming a vassal for the muse, rather than her mistress.

I thank all of you for taking the time to read my secrets and whispers. In this world of the 3 second attention span and the expectation of 3D and digital entertainment, very few even appreciate the power of the written word. It has no impressive graphics, no explosions or high definition wonders, only the clay of idea, and your own imagination to shape it. The only limits put to a page, are the mental limits of the one reading the words. I give to you a piece of me, the poetry of thought and emotion, and it is up to you what sort of glories you build with it.

Perhaps these rhymes are little seeds thrown to the wind, and it may be that a few of them find fertile ground in the soil of another’s mind. Perhaps a small spark lit today by my innocuous pen, will set fire to the waiting tinder of another’s tenuous dream. All of us have something to give to the world, and this is what I give to you: Pieces of a poet, and pieces of the truth.

So take what I give to you, and create your own form of magic.

I love you all, and may each one of you be blessed with friendship and love.


With All My Heart,

Kelley Rose    aka WildWoman


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