Bob Dylan Starlight

Warm wind kisses on my brow,

Moments gently slip away,

The only time is now,

There is no day but today,


Once in a heavy chest,

Wet with redundant tears,

Boots made a muddy mess,

Of my fears,


Ripped and rended rhymes,

Bear the memories,

The footprints of time,

And melodies,


City lights wink and smile,

My heavy bones remain,

‘Dance the neon mile’,

Says the rain,


I ask of the starlit night,

What be the purpose of wings,

If only to pursue flight,

For unattainable things?


I’m sure that Icarus ascending,

Was sure of his plan,

But when in flames descending,

Did he understand?


Such metaphors I ponder,

When shooting stars fly,

Alighting in wonder,

The winter sky.


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