Journal Entry 12/15

“This morning I discovered summer outside my open windows. The breeze was kind, the sand was warm, and the river chuckled and gurgled as it danced with the fish. Verdant alders bent down to trail their fingers in the current, little birds bobbed on the stony shore, cherry blossoms fluttered on the wind, and robins serenaded the benevolent mountain.

They say that the eyes are the windows to your soul, and it is through these open windows that my summer was glimpsed. The reflection in the mirror held me fast for a moment, being lost in the fragrance of a sweet grass meadow and clover in the sunshine.

Perhaps it was echoes of my dream, a fleeting memory now forgotten upon awakening… Perhaps it was the kind of dream one holds close to their heart, easily seen in the hooded gaze for one who looks intently.

Either way, it is quite a thing to be struck with while brushing your teeth.” 


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