Movie Night

My sweet lady love, come fill my empty hands,

You don’t have to doubt, nor to even understand,

No rhyme or reason lives, that could speak our tale,

So let the neighbors talk and the cold winds wail,

Stay warm in my arms, long after the day has come,

Don’t turn your face away, or grab your love and run,

I will not claim it for my own, nor sully you with shame,

You can push my words away, but I will love you just the same,

So I will make some popcorn, and you can put a movie on,

We can lie here close together, until the break of dawn,

And when the morning comes, if you still want me to leave,

Gladly I will go, with my heart still on my sleeve,

Just let me collect the pieces, let me stay a little longer,

And I promise that when tomorrow comes, I’ll be stronger.



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