‘I will shelter you’ said his silhouette, as the sun set heavy and red,

She found the shadows of his eyes, fearing the truth of what he said,

The ground was solid beneath her, yet suddenly there loomed a cliff,

On the edge of her wavering determination, on the edge of her lips,

The reply that would reassemble the universe, cross that nameless line,

But there was a weight within her chest, and shadows in her mind,

So the words hovered there while birds sang, and the world began to glow,

Her shadow falling behind her, held the confession he would never know,

Plain to see was her denial, the stiff shoulders and pleading eyes,

Wrapping his arms around her gently, he watches fading skies,

A sigh escapes into her hair, and she hears a story within the sound,

Of a cowboy that yearns to hang up his hat, for an angel that fell to the ground,

She knows it is time to walk away, but she cannot let go nor shed her tears,

Wordless, the sun slips quietly to gloom, with the darkness drawing near,

In silence they stood there, as one shadow against the advancing night,

Neither one knowing the difference, between what is black and what is white.


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