Without A Flashlight

Time slips away,

Slowly, excruciating,

Like the pain of a wound,

Exacerbated by salt,

And the memory of the one,

Who wielded the blade,


Brushing lightly on my cheeks,

The passing wings,

Of winter phantoms,

That haunt the silence,

Of my river refuge,

And I admit,

You crossed my mind,

In fact you invaded,

So sweetly,

And I smiled,

At the assault,

Because I am a glutton,

For punishment,


And by the way,


I know the lyrics,

To that song,

You have forgotten,

With the passing,

Of youth,

And I have it now,

On my tongue,


Just so you know...


When the night breathes,

So do I,

And when the trees sway,

So do I,

When the world whispers,

I listen,

Within the silence,

Between the sounds,

In all the colors,

Behind the shadow,

Through reflections,

Of moonlit flickers,

And trepidation,

I have glimpsed the answer,


I cradle it now,

In the shelter of my arms,

Where the warmth of me,

Staves off the cold hand,

From the touch,

Of loneliness,

And if you were to ask,

I would give it freely,

Because a heart like yours,

Should never be empty,


Now the owl calls,

Through the frozen wood,

So I wonder,

About omens,

But I don’t dare ask the stars,

For an answer,


My feet know the way home,

So I follow out of habit,

With my footsteps abrading,

The silence,

A padding of soft paws,

As my roommate,

Emerges grey and ghostly,

From the gloom,

To match his tread with mine,

Laying his head,

Beneath my palm,

And together we walk,

With one shadow.


2 thoughts on “Without A Flashlight

  1. yes well it was two poems. i wrote one in the morning and one after i got home from a night walk. i decided that together they painted a picture of my head space quite clearly, so i put them together.


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