The Insatiable Hunger

Yearning for meat to sink my teeth into,

Some food for thought to gnaw and chew,

A stick-to-the-ribs kind of down home fare,

That you eat with both hands while people stare,


I want the bullshit on the side, with extra slaw,

A few crayons, an extra place mat on which to draw,

Grill it medium, but rare, like footprints in the trees,

Red like the childhood scrapes on my knees,


Let it nourish my body, with laughter like rain,

In the blooming of spring, with a grass stain,

Make it rhyming and rhythmic, riddle the words,

‘Till I’m bent around metaphor where epiphany stirs,


Wrap me around your voice, like a ribbon on your finger,

Pull me into deep waters, where your mysteries linger,

Expose to me your other half, the tender flesh inside,

Show me what the world looks like, through hooded eyes,


Feed me grapes of wrath, or fruit of knowledge from your tree,

Just don’t sugar coat it with flattery, no platitudes for me,

Lay it all on white sheets, elaborate, feel free to take your time,

Show me what you’ve got to give, and I will show you mine.



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