The Resurrection

After vowing that I would stay off the internet and work on my book, I happened to make the mistake of checking my e-mail and saw this tempting post from Kellie Elmore called the ‘Blog Post Resurrection’. So naughty me tabbed right over to wordpress and started posting.

So this new prompt goes something like this: Choose 7 posts from your blog following the specifications on the website. Give a short explanation and or description of why you chose it, and link to your post. I am currently having major issues with wordpress not wanting to post my links, so I will do my best.

*Your First Post Three years ago my house burned down and I lost everything. I live on four acres of riverfront property in the Cascades, so it was nothing for me to pitch a tent to live in while I rebuilt. I made a nice camp on the river and called it my summer house, and this was a poem I wrote late one night when I could not sleep.

*A Post You Enjoyed Writing I have enjoyed every post I have published, even the ones I do not like to read anymore because they are embarrassing or painful. However there was one piece that taught me things about myself, a post that took courage and honesty to share, and I consider it my most true-to-self piece. It is a short story about love. I hope you enjoy it.


*A Post That Spurred Great Discussion I do not have many followers on my blog, therefore I do not have much discussion. However, when I first started my blog, I posted a journal entry while feeling sorry for myself that I thought was a pathetic pity fest, but it reached out to another’s pain. The reply I got was from a stranger, one of the first comments I received in fact, and it reached in and squeezed my heart. I wanted to give this person a hug, a kiss, and cook them a nice dinner. If you are out there ‘annonamous’ I LOVE YOU.


*A Post On Someone Else’s Blog That You Wish You Had Written This post is from Kellie Elmore, who tortures me so unwittingly. The awe and respect I have for her as an artist comes from her ability to reach in and wrench things from your heart with simple words that do justice to the truth without obscuring it in flowery prose. This was the post that caused me to subscribe to her site. Gut wrenchingly sad smile, a tear, and a small hug for myself when I read this one. God, it still hurts…


*Most Helpful Post I have been writing since the age of 12, but I have never taken a writing class. I could not tell you a damn thing about form or flow, a write to the beat of my own drum. I always wrote what I called artistic rambling as a way to vent poetically without the poem. Now I call these pieces ‘prose’ but to me they are always rambles. I use it as a way to focus my creative ideas and organize my head. Some of them are beautiful, some are just strange.

This one is my personal fav. It inspired the name of my blog.


*A Post With A Title You Are Proud Of That would be ‘The Perfidious Pen.’ This actually came from a joke of sorts. A man at the post office had seen me a few days earlier at an art’s festival poetry reading and complimented me by calling my work perfidious, but clearly did not know the definition of the word, as he used it in the wrong context. I thanked him just the same, knowing what he had intended to say and that was that. Later in the same day I was told by an acquaintance of mine that my poetry was sneaky, and that I hid little traps inside the words that caught in your mind and got stuck there. I immediately thought of ‘the perfidious pen’.


*A Post You Wish More People Had Read I believe very strongly in standing up for myself. I believe that I am only as useful as the knowledge I possess, and how I choose to use it. When thousands of voices rose up around the world bearing a message, I listened. I will give anyone the benefit of the doubt, and I am willing to hear any opinion you wish to share. I may not agree, I may even find it detestable, but I will respect you enough to hear your words openly and without judgement.

I went to see the Occupy Seattle movement in action, to take a temperature check on the fluctuations of my society, and to look those people in the eye who were attempting to change my world. This is what I wrote at 4 am on my clipboard, with my pages lit by a spotlight held by a police officer who did not wish me to sleep. Little did he know that I was thankful for the light, I have insomnia and wasn’t sleeping anyway, and he provided a perfect  muse standing there before me.

I must also ask of you please to view this one as well. I wrote it on day 3 of my occupation.


Thank you for taking the time to pick through my skeletons. If these links are not highlighted, I apologize. Simply copy and paste them into your browser window and go ‘the old fashioned way’.



2 thoughts on “The Resurrection

  1. Kelley, I blushed when I saw what you said about me. I cannot even begin to understand how someone with your talent could be inspired by my “weak” display of what I try to call poetry. You are brilliant with a pen and when I read you I am always inspired to write and yet it never comes close to the beauty of your work. I am touched that you like what I write, thank you for the wonderfully kind mention. Great big hugs!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox



  2. XXXOOO big love right back at ya Kellie, and don’t you dare ever call the power of your pen “weak” again or I will hunt you down and steal all your mint chocolate chip ice cream.
    and thank you from the bottom of my ink well 😉


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