Message In A Bottle

A Free Write Friday prompt from Kellie Elmore… Better late than never.

You are stranded on a remote island with no hope of being rescued. You find only a pen, one sheet of paper and a bottle. You want to let people know what happened to you, who you are and how you wish to be remembered…

To My Dear Friend,

   It does not matter who I am, what my name was in life, or what brought me to this desolate place. What matters is that I have something to tell you, and I have  only one piece of paper in which to do so.

   I spent my life in a protective shell, as crabs are want to do, never having the courage to trust myself or others, never emerging from my self-made darkness for the fear losing it’s imagined protection. I kept everyone at a safe distance, never allowing them access to the soft inner heart so fragile and weary.

   It has brought me here, to a desolate island of solitude in a sea of loneliness, casting this desperate message in a bottle to the ceaseless tides… Perhaps it is a vain hope that the right person will find it, but if by some wild chance this has occurred, heed well these words my friend:

   No man is an island, nor is any woman. Love with all the courage you possess, lest you find yourself on such lifeless shores as I have, with only a pen to accompany you into eternity. Love is hard to come by in this world and I would wish to tell you never to discard it, judge it, or let it pass you by. Hold all that you are given, no matter how sleight, as the precious gift that it is.

   Loving is always worth the risk, if you consider the alternative.




3 thoughts on “Message In A Bottle

  1. I swear, you were writing this directly to me. This touched me on so many levels and I cannot even begin to say why. I felt like it was meant for me…the message of hope and appreciation of things. Kelley, this has left me in awe and in a state of consideration for many things. Thank you for sharing this. Truly and from the bottom of my heart. I hope everyone has the chance to read this and takes away what I have. The best entry yet and so yes, happy you submitted late, it is better late than never for a lot of things! xxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo BIG HUGS!!!!!!!!


  2. XXXOOO lot’s of love to you too Kellie. it is not necissary for everyone to read it, if it has touched only you then that is sufficient… perhaps you wanted me to write it, so your muse poked mine in the ribs with a little wink wink nudge nudge and you put up that prompt for me according to their plan 🙂


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