Charting Unknown Waters

Sometimes I am weightless, in a limbo of space,

Where my thoughts are nothing but an aftertaste,


Sensual like silk, the touch of a yearning so sweet,

Beneath this pleasant barrage, my walls retreat,


Riding high on a plush moment of solitude,

Where the laws of reality do not intrude,


I lay back supine, on clouds with a silver lining,

Where eternally summer stars are softly shining,


When I return to my flesh, wisdom is gleaned,

From the ancient echos of another’s dream,


But I am cast on the shore like another grain of sand,

With that ocean of knowledge so near to my hand,


A pen becomes a mast, a sheet of paper for a sail,

Whispers in my head wind, tame the winter gale,


Riding swells of love, the tides of a reader’s heart,

With scribblings of ink, when the night is dark,


They will chart my course across this tempest sea,

So someday, somebody can follow me…



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