A Dose Of Your Own Medicine

Lie so sweetly on a bed of nails,

Do the words in your mouth,

Like chewing on the train track rails,

That will carry you south,


Spitting out barbed wire with epithets,

That sharply pierce my skin,

Choking on the bile of your regrets,

Drowning out the din,


I will take the place of your punching bag,

With words like sticks and stones,

You can stomp and scream like a rutting stag,

If it helps you to atone,


Just don’t expect me to rationalize,

Or give you platitudes,

No sweet remorse in my goodbye,

It’s not a game of win or lose,


So hard to know a simple up from down,

When black and white are gray,

Volumes spoken only with my frown,

As the anger digs your grave,


Amusing, you think you have bested me,

By having a louder voice,

With clear eyes your disgust I see,

As you taste your sour choice,


No sugar will help you swallow this mess,

And I won’t let it go down easy,

I am aware of the dagger in my breast,

You so casually gave to me.



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