Journal Entry 1/26

“I am just a nowhere girl,

Sitting in my nowhere world,

Singing all my nowhere songs,

For nobody…



These arms can hold the world you know, I have seen them do it… I can turn a gaze so hot it could melt sand into glass, or freeze you where you stand with one frigid, withering look… I can hold the biggest heart in the cradle of my hand, like a delicate butterfly who had alighted into my palm… I can move a mountain of preconceived notions with a stroke of my pen, or have tides gathering eagerly at the crook of my finger… I can read your soul in the glint of your eye by the fire light, and move among shadows older than the earth… I can rise to the heavens in an effortless moment of solitude, where star dust freckles my celestial body and cosmic winds tangle in my hair… I can dance to tunes so long ago forgotten that not even the sea remembers their names… I can speak in jilted tongues the language of trees, privy to the secrets of roots and a crown of golden leaves… I can lead you fearlessly into places where none have dared to tread before, where no footprints are left behind you and and you see only with your heart… I can swim in minds so deep the epiphanies evolve with their own flashlights, and the sharks of doubt become the hunted… I can bite much more painfully than I bark, and my teeth are the honed edges of rage and bliss… I can catch the steepest drift and surf that logic all the way to a safe harbor…

But I wonder if you even know what I am saying…

You could throw my three sheets to the wind, I don’t need to sail where I am going… I have wings for that.”


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