If It’s Brown, Flush It Down

I apologize for the sour aftertaste of this posting, it is meant to convey my anger and shame at the ravages of global warming.

It’s easy to hear the whispers on the wind when you are not filling your world with artificial sounds. Ceiling fans, refrigerators, traffic, heater vents, barking dogs… All the noises of city life are so shallow and heartless, the grinding gears on some vast machine intended to parrot the intricate workings of nature and failing miserably. Spewing waste and toxic fumes with every ghastly breath, chugging along on it’s one-way track to hell, and taking every flock of sheep along with it…

Like a turd floating in the toilet bowl of the universe, and nowhere to go but down.


One thought on “If It’s Brown, Flush It Down

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