The Muse And I

Unfathomable delights in the torrid depths of a smiling iris,

Inspired creations of spiraling birth marks, freckles, and sparkling tongue trails,

Littering your skin like graffiti of the goddess, lewd scrawling on the temple walls of your body,

Lingering in the sensual coils of incense smoke, candlelight seeking out the soft curves of you,

Rising like Aphrodite from a sea of blankets, clothed only in the auburn waves of your luxurious tresses,

Coyly turning away to shyly expose your profile, even as your nakedness offers no resistance,

Through the lace curtain draped around the bed, I watch you contemplate the inside of your eye lids,

Wondering what sort of utopia a flawless creature like you would be immersed in,

But silence is golden, like your tan, and I am just basking in the glow of it.



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