What could I say of the wind and rain? What glorious words would I use to capture the stunning perfection of a red sunset over azure waters? How could a pen divulge the limitless expanse of stars and a full moon rising over the cliffs of the dead? In what way could I whisper into your silent thoughts the birdsong abounding and the hallowed rumbling of a midnight beattle? Could I ever, with a mind so mortal, encompass the full breadth of life and spirit that thrums so subtly within the very air I breathe and the red dirt that coats my warm bare feet?

I could say to you, aloha. That would about sum things up.


2 thoughts on “Aloha

  1. Eliza

    Silly me, I don’t know what Aloha means. Is it a place?
    Well, whatever it is/wherever it is, you have summed up Aloha perfectly! 🙂


  2. I am in Hawaii, and aloha means hello, but that is not really what it means. too much is lost in translation. Aloha means good vibe, look at this beautiful day, enjoy life, I give you love, Island way, family love, I greet you with my heart… and so much more. Aloha means to the people of this island what I love you means to others. I cannot explain, but aloha is simply perfect.


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