A Little Masefield For You To Chew On

One of my all-time favorite poems, prompt courtesy of http://kellieelmore.com/2012/04/02/happy-national-poetry-month-daffodils-by-william-wordsworth/



All that I rightly think or do

Or make or spoil, or bless or blast

Is curse or blessing justly due

For sloth or effort in the past

My life’s a statement of the sum

Of vice indulged or overcome

And as I journey on these roads

I shall be helped and healed, and blessed

Dear words shall serve to be as goads

To urge to heights as yet un-guessed

My road shall be the road I made

All that I gave shall be repaid



4 thoughts on “A Little Masefield For You To Chew On

  1. for sloth or efforts in the past…

    god this is so true. how we ourselves and our choices and our flaws and our victories all, create who we are. I so love this! Thank you for sharing it, Kelley!


    1. I love learning what things speak to people so thank you for sharing it.

      I used to worry…a lot. About everything. Then I heard the serenity prayer and this verse in the bible about how He provides for the birds and why would he not provide for us… worry no longer is an issue. Not nearly as great anyway.


  2. yes, all worry does is make your head space too loud to hear birdsong. When we stop seeing God in a sunset or a drop of dew, we are no longer living as a person. Worry and doubt, redundant stress, are the most powerful blocks between our spirits and our lives.


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