As The Sun Sets

Lying supine on a warm bed of sand,

Covered decadently by the breeze, and the cloudless blue,

With a sigh so lightly do I expand,

As the ocean reflects beautifully, a changeable hue,


Whispers of melody in memory’s meadow,

Caressing my ears with a shameless stroke,

Watching the play of light and evening shadow,

Inhale, exhale, a lung full of smoke,


Coffee is calling with a scent on the breeze,

Luring me from my cradle,

Where I flirt with shadows of passing dreams,

Concocting rhyme and fable,


Tasting nostalgia in my mind,

Like an aftertaste of rain in the spring,

On my lips it’s sweet red, red wine,

Makes me dance in place and lightly sing,


Insanity looks quite good on me,

Brings out the glint in my wandering eye,

Melts with the moods of the fickle sea,

Ascends to wing in the aching sky,


I smile to myself and mutter some prose,

As my bare feet find their way to camp,

Slowly wilting, this plundered rose,

With cheeks still warm and damp.


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