Haunting The Beach Of The Dead

Clairvoyance presiding like a phantom of elde,

Upon my upturned brow that seeks the stars,

Into the pristine skies my spirit melds,

Washing clean the passage of scars,


Morning is greeted by a finch and a cock,

Sweetening my coffee with a honey horizon,

The waves have become my body clock,

And a hope I keep my eyes on,


A swing and a sway, a hammock embrace,

Colorful companions alight the trees,

Friendly rain drops, kiss my sunny face,

The low slow hum of passing bees,


Dreams flicker in fluid shades of red,

Behind sun drenched lids,

Echoes of words too lightly said,

Innocuous in conversation hid,


Sandals bleed with red mud stains,

Toes grow callouses like my heart,

Amidst the lassitude and humid rains,

I am a poet apart,


Waves like breath on the volcanic sand,

In sync with each heartbeat,

Trying so hard to understand,

The beast inside of me…


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