The False Prince

I watched you fall like Icarus

From the star studded sky

And you know, I would have caught you

Even as you burned my hands

Still I would have held on


Now I see the folly of my emotion

“Flogging a dead horse”

Believing I could help you

But you did not slip and fall

You leapt like suicide


And to think that you could rationalize

Pulling everyone down with you

So that you would have some company

In your destitution

Is deplorable


Words from your lips

With a manipulating smile

Were as weightless as the wind that carried them

Though it took so long to see

What was beneath the dark pools

Of your iris


Now distance brings perspective,

As your absence gives relief

From the strain of being near you

As your lies that buried me

Are washed clean by the ocean


For a purportedly intelligent person

Your ignorance astounded me

That you would cast off so lightly

One who had your back

Through thick and thin


And don’t think that I am clueless

That I bought it line and sinker

I know precisely what you’re doing

As you pander for some dollars

From the man who claimed you


You were the hungry fish

He held the sharpest hook of lust

Reeling you right in with his promises

Funny, you imagine you still hold

The two of hearts


Yet you are nothing but a prince

A Machiavellian abuser

Entertaining feelings of entitlement

To things that never belonged to you…

Like my heart. 


2 thoughts on “The False Prince

  1. Some Ole Tree

    Amazing! Still he doesn’t understand….likely never will…but i heard you. please dont be angry if i offended you by accident….your words and mind inpsire me in a world of intellectual darkness. never meant to insult you good poet.


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