Red Is The Color Of Passion

Feeling decadent and sly,

Like a snake sliding across a bed,

Of satin sheets,

Twinkle in my eye,

From pretty words you never said,

Dancing to their beats,


Laughing at the waves,

That wash my wandering dirty toes,

In my solitude,

Oh let me count the ways,

These subtle tides will ebb and flow,

Right into you,


Sweetly on my lips,

Your name like the song of wind,

In my exhale,

Swaying lonely hips,

To those soft melodies within,

And raise sail,


Almost would I…

Leave you hanging on a word,

Sweet torture,

But this red sky,

Claims honesty is preferred,

To the obscured,


Sunshine creeps,

Sinuously through the sunset,

On my skin,

The cliff is very steep,

So I am not jumping yet…

Let me in.


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