Seven Days, And Heaven Nights

Heaven lingers on my lips,

A memory haunts my fingertips,

As you pass through the room like a springtime breeze,

With the morning light on blanketed seas,

And slowly I arch like the cat with the cream,

Wondering if perhaps you were a naughty dream,


Flickering behind my secret eyes,

Filled with the aftertaste of sighs,

That brushed ear lobes when the moon hung low,

In the silence my heart expanding slow,

‘Till it fills the room like the rising sun,

Leaves me grinning, quietly stunned,


What power is this that you possess,

That makes of me such a pretty mess?

Tongue tied and twisted with all unspoken,

Pleased to be so adroitly broken,

As the walls crumble down and all is bare,

Exposed to your smiling, silent stare,


The smell of you still on the sheets,

Your heat still burning on my cheeks,

Whoever thought stubble could be so grand,

Or the the curves of you filling up my hands?

In the sunshine of your fleeting love,

I thank my lucky stars above.



-For Jamie


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