Long After Sunset

Lounging in warm volcanic sand,

A sigh lingering on my lips,

Memory held softly in my hand,

And on my lonely hips,


Subtly does the wind caress,

The contours of my heart,

Leaving an ache within my breast,

Gently torn apart,


Seaside whispers sweet refrain,

Lulling me with song,

Feasting upon what here remains,

Between the write and wrong,


Footprints littered on the shore,

Were swallowed by the waves,

Obscuring the tracks that showed before,

The places where we played,


Starlight bleaches color and form,

Lying covetously upon the dunes,

Shaped by the hand of winter storms,

Basking in a swollen moon,


My solitude envelops this silent bluff,

Emptiness abounds in the air,

Sometimes the breeze is just enough,

With fingers in my hair,


But laughter haunts these fragrant shadows,

And the depths of my warming beer,

Wading in the mind’s descending shallows,

Your face reflected in my tears.



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