At The Feet Of God

Moonlight whispers sweet reprieve

Waves of sand my eye deceives

Like far away drifting autumn leaves

Holding memories of tearful pleas


In the sun’s regard my skin will blush

A shade of red like a varied thrush

That sings to me songs from thorny brush

Yet now the starlight cradles hush


As venus rises like a scarlet queen

Above waves reflecting midnight dreams

The spirit walkers all unseen

That haunt the spaces in between


There is a sacred dell known only to sky

Where the lily blooms and rowan sighs

And I can see it now behind my eyes

Westward as the hunter flies


“Who?” says the owl, and I do not know

The path this wind of words will blow

What kind of tides will ebb and flow

Upon thoughts their bibles do not show?


A hallowed night in the company of wings

Can teach a student many things

Of the dancing Earth, how silence sings

Like a pebble in a pond, consecutive rings


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