The Woman Is An Island

Moving amongst sunset like a tropical breeze,

Inhale, exhale, as the breath of the sea,

In green boughs my fingers of wind will tease,


Raindrops like wet kisses freckle your skin,

Eyes like the sunshine warming within,

Where the sigh of my silence will quiet the din,


Hot like my wanting, the embrace of sand,

Flowing like water from your calloused hand,

Come plant your flag on this unclaimed land,


Wearing cloud cover, peering through mist,

Shrouding the flesh of sacred cliffs,

Pounding the shore with an ocean’s fist,


I become one with the sunset caressing the dunes,

Blushing pretty pink before a sliver of moon,

Humming in harmony with pure white loons,


This mistress of midnight is now courting the sun,

A smile like the sky, with a splash of rum,

Shedding no tears for the days now done.


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