When The River Meets The Sea

Weightless in my wandering,

Through a jungle of weeping boughs,

Though ambiguous in my pondering,

Confusion crowds my brows,


Blooms adorn the lonely trees,

Scenting a southern wind,

Courted by the eager bees,

With summer creeping in,


Memories of snow and ice,

Still linger in my bones,

And though the company of sun is nice,

I am better off alone,


For who could part the glistening mist,

In my perception of this road?

Who could match their tread to this,

And follow where I flow?


A river is wild, eternally free,

Never bound by her stony bed,

And I’m learning the strength of the tireless sea,

When my wandering thoughts are led,


Swaying to beats others cannot hear,

Dancing to the tunes of sand,

Smiling in the face of a redundant fear,

I don’t expect you to understand.




One thought on “When The River Meets The Sea

  1. cliff

    I do understand…more than you know. Everyone who loves your way still misses you, we are happy where you are…if you still grow. The rivers where you abide are the same as always this is true, but sometimes in the queit night, the river here still misses you. (dont read too far)


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