Chasing The Worm

I take a bite

It bites back

Hot on the bottle

With cold feet

Sand shifting, toes burrow

Sunset slips off her red dress

Coyly winks at the ocean

Sliding down beneath

The cover of her waves

Stars twinkling mischief

In her smirking horizon

Swallow it down

That burning love

The kiss with a kick

Like nibbling my lips

With every pull

And push

Of tides

Suck in a breath

A swallowed gasp

The ghost of green eyes

In the golden liquid

Of your skin

I know just what to do

When life gives me sour treats

They chase after my shots

Of resignation

Like a dog trying to catch

That ever elusive


And the gecko laughs

So I laugh

Because life is funny


And twisted

With rhyme

As the juke box

Of my memory

Twirls around

On repeat

With Janis Joplin


To the beat of waves

So my arms sway above me

With the breeze

Makes a good dancing partner

With my lemons

Because sometimes


Has a morbid sense

Of humor


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