The Scorpion’s Sting

I lean back into your chest

And your arms encircle me

Like you are the sea

Wrapped around my prideful island

Laying kisses like warm rain drops

On my shoulders


Fitting into the curves of you

As if you were made to stand behind me

Filling in all the places

Where I bend


Waves whisper, you murmur

Softly on a breath

‘You taste salty’

And the little hairs

Around my ear lobes

Swoon for you


My head turns

Hungry lips find yours

The moment is flawless

It is exquisite

No words dare capture

That butterfly


I could stay right here

Basking in you

Getting a sun burn

From the heat


An hour perhaps, but

Maybe four

Till I didn’t notice anymore

That I had dismantled the walls

Around my heart


And you snuck right in there

With your green eyes smiling

So close to mine

Those kisses like warm honey

Were melting

All over me


I couldn’t get enough

Like I had travelled scorching deserts

And your mouth

Was a chilled glass

Of red wine


In that moment

I thought to myself

Before I could stop me

That I would take it all

If you would give it

Without fear


It was like falling


The sun set

We left the beach behind us

Scattered with footprints

Where memories

Would arise to haunt

My return


And the plane took you

Back to reality

With the smell of me

Still on your T-Shirt

My wistful smile

Plucking a bluesy tune

On your heart-strings


So now the ocean

Stretches away

From my sandy shore

To yours

But I remember that moment

When there was no space at all

Between us


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