I Do Not LOL, Punk

I LOL at your LOLs

What a silly thing to type

If I said something amusing, would you throw letters at me?

I choose Laughter Over Longing

Loquaciousness Over Levity

Liquid On Lovers

Little Overt Liquers

Lilting Observant Lillies

Limpid Oscillating Lies

Lovely Optical Lullabies

Leaping Obese Leopards

Leo Orbiting Libra

Lace On Lips

Light On Laptops

Laps Of Lint

Lurid Optional Lures

Lingering Overtures Lulling

Listening Over Limelights

Lifting Over Limits

Life’s Objective Learning

Leftover Oso Lying

Leavening Open Loaves

Lingering Obvious Lores

Lurking Open Lorries

Leading Oppressed Lives


Licking Opulent Ladles


Yes I LOL at your LOLs, because I have such a better imagination than letting you know in three little letters that I find you amusing.

When I laugh my pen GUFFAWS and SNORTS and dribbles all over itself.

When I chuckle my nose curls up and my eyes twinkle.

Where is that in your three little letters?


= I Am Laughing So Hard My Soul Wiggles And Snorts Till You Wiggle And Giggle Right Along With Me And Isn’t This Better Than LOL?


I don’t think it will catch on…


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