I Love You Simply

They say a circle and a chalice are heathen pursuits, then speak of “the magic of the Christmas season”,

(Don’t get me started on the oxymoron of this, the hypocritical lack of reason)

They say Easter was when Jesus emerged from the tomb, but why eggs and the rabbit?

Not telling it stems from a Spring time festival of renewal, the remembrance of Pagan habits,

For each new convert brought their own colors to to the whole, ’till a rainbow of spirit was born,

But those who wrote the book looked away, and their ways were reviled and scorned,

They say God loves everyone, and they say “Do not judge lest ye be judged yourself”,

Though they burned and razed, decimated the graves, stole their gold, their blood, their wealth,

I am a woman who has sung to the Moon, who has stood naked before the trees,

Does this make me worthy of your fires of Hell, should I beg forgiveness on my knees?

While God has created me in His image, a perfect creation according to plan,

You will flay me, debase me, hating with ignorance, and never seek to understand,

Your Devil laughs when you pander to him, with such hatred in your heart,

For I love you completely, just the way you are, our souls are not so far apart.


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