Somewhere In Texas

Yonder come Miss Rosie

Chewing on a bit of sweet grass

Tipping her hat, to the crickets

Boots dusting up clouds of prairie

Beside a roadway

That leads from nowhere to nothing

Singin’ out of tune

Sweating and swatting

Horse flies


She got no coins to go a’jingle

Just pockets full of lint

But she got a smile like puddin pie

Eyes that are melting

Like butter on grits

And a fishin’ pole

Pointed over her shoulder

At the hills


She had a stallion once

A buckskin Mustang

Wild as Texas

With eyes of fire

And they would ride the range

Over hill and dale

Free as the wind


No longer

No cowgirl

But she’s still got the hat

The boots

The down home swagger

But she just fishin’ now

The creeks and backwater

On a road between nothin’

And nowhere


She hasn’t lost it though

That sweet southern comfort

You can take the girl

From the prairie

But never the prairie from the girl

Cuz in her head

She’s still riding her stallion

Even though

She just fishin’


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