The Wise Man Said…

I was told long ago, by a man much wiser than I, that only love is free,

That when I found the eyes that held me fast, that is where my heart would be,

‘All of us search for something to hold, that will not slip away, but what does everyone fear?

To cry too loud, to be too weak, and so they plead so softly that nobody will hear.’

I remember now those words to me, as they haunt my empty bed,

But I think there is a truth he missed, in the words he lightly said,

For love can come at the wrong time, because life eternally shifts and flows,

You could breeze right past the light of your life, and never even know,

A few years between your birth and theirs, a stretch of ocean perhaps,

And their arms will never know your love, nor will they bite the line you cast,

You will plummet through life’s parading skies, hoping for a safe landing,

While the one who yearns to catch your fall, is incapable of understanding,

Through a faulty head wire or preconceived notion, they are bias to your need,

Judging imagined slights and faults, in the life you humbly lead,

Perhaps love is not free after all, maybe the price is just too obscure,

For monies and currency to rate the exchange, for logic to endure,

It may be that the highest cost you pay, is when you give your heart to a glistening smile,

Bending to fit yourself inside another’s life, warping your own style,

Till all that is left is the wanting of love, in a hollow shell of flesh,

Your soul is cluttered with unreason, your heart is a jumbled mess,

And through all the reaching toward love, and twisting of self to comply,

There is nothing left to hold onto but the mask and the lie,

So when dues are paid and contentment is found, and finally hearts will merge,

Already the solitary self of you, will sing death’s earthy dirge,

Now this wise man was much more enlightened than I, of many important things,

But I don’t believe he knew the tricks, of birds and bees and a scorpion’s sting.


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