A Moment In Time

It’s in the moments when you’re curled up on the couch, sleepy with television and a full belly, when you notice the gecko cruse straight up the wall next to the painting. A dark flash across the mild hues of  ‘lime’ and ‘desert rose’ glowing softly by the light of a single lamp. He nimbly scuttles to the crown moulding on the ceiling in a blink of an eye and remains motionless there like a miniature gargoyle, awaiting mosquitos.

Those little moments that catch your eye…

When a breeze comes suddenly through the silence of a humid night and makes the jungle come alive around you with a hiss and rustle of verdant fronds. Stops whatever you’re doing as the wind moves in through the screen door, swirling about the house where it bats playfully at the sheer curtains before laughing it’s way out the back lanai. It scatters the sweet smell of plumeria behind it like a pixie dust of lingering smiles.

The unexpected moments…

Ducking beneath the green curtain of budding vine by the little roadside creek. Shade and shelter from the sun with a water bottle, and you find the water is chuckling. The obscuring curtain of lush foliage hid the contours of a long dead foundation, peering through the growth of time, housing only the chatters of reptiles and the whirring of beetles. Within a maze of elephant grass across the small trickle of water is glimpsed intricate trails of wild pigs and chickens. A mockingbird obligingly alights upon a bough above your head and does his best imitation of a dove, a finch and a meadow lark, adding his own flair as a crescendo.  Serenaded in solitude with the music of stream, wind and birdsong, a wonderful surprise as Shangri La is discovered at mile marker seven.

When you are shocked into silence…

Ambling away from the lights of camp on your way to answer the call of nature, when a half hearted glance upward roots you firmly in the sand. A blazing comet shoots across half of a horizon sparkling like diamonds on a bed of black velvet. Pulls the breath from your lungs as you gaze in wonder at it’s brief glory, your heart pulled along it’s unknown path through space, and for a moment you can almost taste stardust. Like a wonder struck child you stand there looking upward, half of you weightless with the heights of it all, having completely forgotten that you had to pee.

The utopia of simplicity…

Awakening slowly, with a lingering aftertaste from pleasant dreams Stretching and smiling at the tree boughs above you, climbing from the hammock with a yawn. Joints popping, muttering to yourself about coffee, emerging from the keawe grove to find you have beaten the sun to the bluff. Half awake, you walk out across the cool sand of the dunes that hugs your ankles, and plant yourself in a likely spot. With your favorite blanket wrapped around your shoulders you are there to see the first questing fingers of the day creep into the canyon. Soft yellow feathers of sunlight stroking the scarlet layers of volcanic stone until a golden flood pours forth over the dunes. You bask in it, you are humbled by it. Gaze transfixed by the warm benevolence emanating from the eastern horizon, you lose yourself in the instant heat that always accompanies the full force of the sun’s regard on the desert side. Baked like a taro chip,  a cool dip in the ocean before walking your crispy skin back to the hammock with a notebook, having no further need for coffee.

The silence that soothes, the waves that heal, the cleansing rain, a breeze of reprieve, sweet surrender to the surreal, weightless without wanting, breathless with ecstasy, perfection in pleasant campfires, having absolutely no plan, but finding that everything is going according to Plan…

That is what it feels like to sit right here, where I am sitting now.


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